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Conflicts with Police 


Help Find Amos Mortier


                                                                                                         Here are some links to more information about Amos' disappearance:

02/10/11 Stadfeld sentenced

             Zac Schultz Channel 15 WMTV 09.16.09 The Amos Mortier Missing Person Investigation (article)  Video Newscast

                             3 Days of Pre-Trial Hearings 6.17.09-6.19.09: Ed Treleven's Article from WSJ: New Details on Mortier Disappearance                

             Article 2.18.09 in Fitchburg Star by Kurt Gutknecht Police Dept. Denies Charges about Mortier Investigation

Article 2.12.09 in the Isthmus by writer Nathan Comp What Happened to Amos Mortier

 (Nathan has been researching the case for a book he is writing about Amos' life and disappearance.

If anyone would like to speak with Nathan - on or off the record - please call him at 608-213-3897).

Article 2.12.09 in WSJ by Ed Treleven - Ed's response to What Happened to Amos Mortier   

Article 1.28.09 in WI State Journal: Destin Joy Layne Sentenced 

Article 1.10.09 in WI State Journal: Break in Mortier Disappearance Elusive 

Article 12.6.08 in WI State Journal: Request for Alibis Withdrawn 

Article 12.5.08 in WI State Journal: Drug Case Prosecutors Seek Alibis in Mortier Disappearance 

  Destin Joy Layne Charged 8.14.08: Destin Joy Layne Charged  UPDATE: 9.17.08 Destin Joy Layne Enters Guilty Plea 

Hal Taback Charged 8.15.08: Reported to me he is being sentenced in NY in June for 40 months will report more as I get it

*  *  *

 HelpFindTheMissing.Org is a new website Amos is now listed on

  The Clarion (MATC news): Seeking the Truth: What Happend to Amos? (4.2.08)

Podcast of  Lee Rayburn's interview with Nathan Comp about Amos' disappearance on Air America 92.1

http://www.themic921.com/cc-common/podcast/single_podcast.html?podcast=LeeRayburn.xml (3.6.08)

 Capital Times: What Happened to Amos? (2.12.08) 

 Isthmus: Getting Away With Murder? (9.27.07) 

       The Clarion (MATC news): Case of Missing Student Still a Mystery (4.18.07)

             Another Missing Person with Disassociative Fugue: Fiancee identifies man with amnesia (10.22.06)

TV program Missing aired Amos' story: Telco Productions (7.22.06)

Isthmus: Update Article (3.3.06)

             Sploid News: Missing Attorney x-cop found in Homeless Shelter - No Memory of Prior Life (2.15.06)

WISC TV: Search Continues For Fitchburg Man (11.17.04)

WISC TV: Police: Missing Fitchburg Man May Be In Danger (11.24.04)

Amos Listed Carl Voigt & Missing Persons Search. com 

Tina Sinclair & Bethany Sinclair Missing since February 4, 2001

National Center for Missing Adults: Amos' Profile

Organic Volunteers: Amos' Profile

Websleuths Crime Sleuthing Community: Missing!!

Angelsmissing: Amos Mortier Missing

Rachel's Message Board: Rachel Cooke Message Board









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