Help Find Amos Mortier

Amos, I am so sorry...your sweet sweet shining star boy's light is no more - I am so sorry Amos - Gnosis died this evening (June 17, 2008) 

of a broken heart; I didn't realize that until later. The doctor may call it a tumor at the base of his heart but I know Gnosis' heart broke

the day his "dad" disappeared and has torn at his little heart everyday since that day. Gnosis is the sweetest little doggie who always

no matter what loved people and especially children; Gnosis, what can I say about the best dog ever, I miss you Gnosis and I am so

sad never to see you again, never to hear you "talk" in that special Gnosis talk. What a good dog you have always been for me waiting

for your dad to return - My heart is so heavy. I am so sad Gnosis, so sad that you are gone. We love you Gnosis forever.


(Please return, I will have more photos soon of Gnosis. 

Rachel emailed me a cute video of Gnosis that will put a smile on your face,

please email me and I will send it to any of you. I wish this website took video.


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