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Conflicts with Fitchburg, WI PD 

Help Find Amos Mortier




Thank you EVERYONE for all your Bonnaroo 2006 help: posting flyers, calling, and emailing.

 * * * * * * * *

Thank-you so much for those that put up Amos' flyer @ Bonnaroo 2005; that is how Amos was spotted by the nurses at one medic tent, and that was amazing!


PI's in Manchester & Nashville dropped everything and ran out and searched for Amos after that sighting of him. Unfortunately, Amos was not found but I am hoping that this year we will find him...with your help.


I received a call a past Saturday night from one of the Private Investigator's that helped last year asking me if there was anything he and his people could do for us this year and at no charge; how good that made me feel. What great people live in Tennessee.


Even though I am mentally exhausted, his call energized me and I am asking you for help (and thank-you) to put up flyers at and around the Bonarroo area this year. If you cannot print out flyers and need me to mail or drop off flyers, please contact me by email or phone 608.347.7363, and I will get them to you right away.


Thank you all for your help and perhaps this year, 2006...we will bring Amos home.


NOTE: a huge THANK-YOU to Kat who has already started a flyer mailing for the Bonarroo area! I would also appreciate people posting Amos' flyer inside Bonarroo on the message boards and/or give to nurses at the medic tents as well. 


**Hi Everyone**


I am asking if you attend a music festival, energy fair, art fair, gem show, Burning Man any event/anywhere this summer, could you possibly please put up some flyers for Amos?


One flyer caught the attention of a nurse from a medic tent at a recent music festival.

She called me after seeing the posted flyer realizing that two hours prior to that a person she and two other nurses believe was Amos entered the tent for help, after that

phone call I called Private Investigators in that area to check the sighting out for us.


I have to find Amos. I think about him being hurt and homeless every waking moment of my day and night. I have a bag by the door ready to hop a plane at a moments notice when I get that phone call.


I believe that Amos is out there, and I believe that he does not know who he is.

This young man that the nurse believes was Amos told her that his memory was bad

and that he has trouble understanding things, he also appears to have injuries to his face. Other statements that she made about this person I would definitely associate with Amos.


I believe that he may have the same disorder that the man from Crivitz, WI

had called DissociativeFugue (Missing Person from Aug. 2004 Dec. 2004).

You can read about it here: PeshtigoTimes.


* * *

Thank you so much from all of us. We appreciate your help.

I still believe it will be that one flyer…that one phone call… that brings Amos home. 



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