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Conflicts with Fitchburg, WI PD 


                        Help Find Amos Mortier                      

                                                                                                             Dear son, I just know that you are out there. I don't know if you are able to

                                                                                                             call me, but please Amos...know that I am here for you. Sen and I need to

                                                                                                             know if you are safe. We love and miss you and if there is anything I can

                                                                                                             do for you, please let me help you.      



Law Enforcement has everything sealed and reseals all records every 180 days.




Law Enforcement told me that they would not tell the family anything until they are done.




I say if LE has physical evidence that my son is a homicide victim, as they stated on April 13, 2005, then the decent thing for FPD to do is to tell the family what that physical evidence is.


If LE does not have that physical evidence, then I ask that 

they let go, move on, and allow family and friends to look

for my son without law enforcement involvement because I feel

that Law Enforcement is impeding their own investigation but

not involving those of us that know Amos.


I have information, I have leads, I have names of persond, phone numbers, etc. but they won't work with me and *that* is impeding this investigation. There has to be an exchange of our information in order to connect the dots. They have info., we have info. and we must work together. This is basic troubleshooting to find answers.


I called LE on the first day to get help with dogs and humanpower to search the Lacy Rd. marshes, corn, and woods because we

thought that Amos had injured himself while chasing after Gnosis running off. Amos was not found. That's all we wanted LE to do, help with ground/air searches since they are not open to working

with us and insist on keeping all info. under lock and if that is going to bring in any new info.


Opening up that locked info. to those of us that know Amos will definitely bring life into your stagnant investigation. You need to re-viatalize your information with our new information, but you won't and so nothing will happen, day-after-day, week-after-week, and so forth.















Appreciation for good-hearted PI's donating their time to us so now we are getting some information.



***Updates 2.18.06***


FPD told me in August 2005 that they would be able to sit down with me after the first of the year and give me some information.





On December 23rd, 2005 communication to me that there would be a meeting after the first of 2006 with the US Attorney's office.





On January 23, 2006 there was communication stating a February meeting was still being planned.





On January 29, 2006 there was communication confirmation of this meeting.




On January 30, 2006 there was another communication confirming this meeting.




On February 17, 2006 there was communication we were still going to have the meeting in February since we were going into the last week of February.



On February 17, 2006 there was communication to me stating that my contact now is Deputy Chief Donald Bates and/or Det. Shannan Morgan and well, let's just say that is *not* good news at all.





***Updates 2.21.06**


Today I spoke with Det. Shannan Morgan and she stated that the meeting I was suppose to have this month, in order to finally get some information from law enforcement, is now cancelled...just like that.








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