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Help Find Amos Mortier


Update: Found out January 27, 2007

**Fitchburg Police Dept. is no longer in charge**

(This is a good thing - now Deputy Chief Bates' arrogance has been removed from impeding our goal to find Amos)


This is what I figured out about the Fitchburg police/Dane County/Feds involved here and

their craziness:


People, please do not be intimidated by Jerry Becka or anyone else in LE that tells you that you cannot contact me (milut@mailbag.com 608.347.7363). There is *not* a gag order and I know for a fact that Jerry Becka tells everyone he interviews not to contact me but he has no

legal authority to do so and in fact as far as I am concerned has impeded this investigation from day one. Look, if you smoke a little pot but have nothing to do with Amos' disappearance but perhaps have names to give up or just know Amos...do you want to talk to cops or to Amos' mom? Call me or email me...I need you to contact me, do not be intimidated by empty

threats from law enforcement.


1. People smoke pot, big deal


2. To the contrary, Fitchburg Police think that this is a very huge deal and the "big drug bust" juices start dripping from their noses


3. They call in David Bongiovani from Dane County Sheriff's department to steer their investigation because Fitchburg sets Shannon Morgan up as a "fall" lead detective in case their theory doesn't pan out (all her fault, not our problem). She is green and a woman, what a perfect choice for their  "fall guy" and afterward, stick her on administrative work... end of story and Fitchburg Police Department's Chief Blatter and Deputy Chief Bates wipe their hands clean of the whole thing as if it never happened.


4. Bongiovani immediately starts spinning tales and heads and soon


5. Bongiovani has coerced the Feds (if you think the Feds can't be coerced, think how many high ranking officials have fallen due to drugs, tax evasion, sexual encounters and Feds are just humans and can be coerced) to get involved by saying, here...we've got this, that, and the other and all we have to do is squeeze these people and they will all start falling like dominoes


6. What Bongiovani didn't figure in is that his theory was wrong and there is nothing to squeeze out of Amos' friends


7. Law enforcement has abused Amos' friends and I am sure kicked and shoved and spit on their rights and by golly someone is going to prison for the money, time, and resources we have spent (mantra from Fitchburg, Dane County & the Feds)


8. Well, now they are sending someone to federal prison because that poor person had nothing to tell them to make their drug theory come true because THERE IS NOTHING



How many more lives are you going to ruin trying to "force" your theory by trying to make people say what *you* want to hear even if it is not the truth because you do not seek the truth, you just want to make yourselves look like you knew what you were doing, but you didn't and now you are hoping you can force someone into saying something to fix your mistakes even if it is a lie. That is not good investigative practice and is a very scary thing for law enforcement to be doing.


Chief Blatter lied on April 13, 2005 (over 16 months ago) when he stated that Amos is a homicide victim; they have not presented any evidence to support their statement. If any

harm came to Amos while the cops were and are blindly running cross-country on their drug story, it will be a problem, a big problem, a very big problem.


Well, there you have it, and if anyone has anything to add to this or has reason to state something else. Please feel free to email me: milut@mailbag.com


Thank you



Deputy Chief Donald Bates of Fitchburg, WI PD states that they can't tell me or say anything about their investigation about my missing son due to the fact that it is an on-going investigation and he states that this is FPD's policy...DC Bates statement is not true.  Case in point: open records for FPD's ongoing investigation of Missing Person/Death of Angela Drake.


Records were open to the public and this was definitely an on-going investigation so Bates stating that FPD doesn't discuss and doesn't unseal records of on-going investigations is not true. Click this link for documented proof. One line states: The document is obviously fairly thorough, as far as what the investigation has uncovered at this point," Lt. Chad Brecklin from the Fitchburg Police Department.


FPD can state their intent was not for that affidavit to be public but that is a very useless FPD excuse. Why? Because FPD is not new to sealing records and they know what the results can be if they do not seal records and they know they are legally public records and they "chose not to seal" the Angela Drake affidavit that was full of specific discovery. They haven't had a problem sealing and re-sealing all documents associated with their investigation of Amos' disappearance, so their intent for the Angela Drake affidavit not to be public means nothing.


FPD released information of what was uncovered in the Drake investigation in that above link/document while it was on-going, but they they say they can't tell me, Amos' mother, anything about  the investigation around Amos' disappearance because they don't give out any info. to the family with an on-going investigation? That's a contradiction in their stated policy regarding information and on-going investigations.


Police departments in charge of investigations for high level cases such as the Chandra Levy case, the Laci Peterson case, and the Jon Benet Ramsey case all put out information out there like the FPD did with the Angela Drake case, this is information that would help the public help the police find answers, but in my opinion, Deputy Chief Bates doesn't want any help.


My opinion is that it will show that they have run all over town with their heads cut-off and have nothing to really to show for it because they jumped to conclusions and went down the drug path...the wrong path, and now they are scurrying around trying to find the real reason why/how Amos disappeared and too much time has passed.


Why are they looking at Amos' 2001 phone records, why do they want to know the things now (2006) that we asked them to check on back in 2004/early 2005...why? Because they are backtracking,  which is better than going down the wrong path but it is very late to do this and a lot of time has passed and a lot of opportunities have been missed while they were on the wrong path.


Chief Blatter moving away from their wrongful drug theory is the right thing to do, and also recanting your statement that Amos is a homicide victim "due" to drug activity would be the very right thing to do since you have not made that a true statement and therefore it is a lie as well and has prevented us from receiving reward moneys from certain groups and from getting very little national exposure for Amos due to programs not running a photo of Amos. Programs will not run a photo of a missing person assumed walking amongst the public if Blatter states that Amos is a homicide victim.


Recant or give proof of your statement because what you said on April 13, 2005 was detrimental in the search to find Amos and you harmed him greatly by jumping to that conclusion without having proof.


Can I announce to the press that Deputy Chief Bates is a huffer and that Chief Blatter takes bribes without any proof? Absolutely not, and neither can they just say anything they want about Amos being involved in drug activity and that is why he is a homicide victim without any proof as well. Same thing...same thing. I believe that all instances would be grounds for defamation of character suits, am I right? Anyone reading this that can help me file a suit, please contact me because I do want to pursue a defamation suit or whatever direction legally you advise me to take this as receivership for Amos.


The community views law enforcment as representing truth and therefore the community assumes what LE say is true and therefore they are 100% responsible for what they say. Their words are intrinsically taken as truth even if it is not true and so I think it is perfect grounds for a defamation suit filed in behalf of Amos; this is not just a citizen making an opinion about Amos...it is the Deputy Chief of Police or Chief of Police making an official statement to the press. With a defamation suit the defendant has to "prove" the statement(s) they made is true and if they can't they have to recant that state publicly and that is all I ask for Amos right now. FPD, do the right and legal thing and prove it or recant your erroneous statement about Amos.


So step up to the plate Chief Blatter/Deputy Chief Bates and recant publicly, or prove your statement by showing me evidence. You have had since April 13, 2005 (your statement to the press) to prove it but you come up empty-handed.


Blatter announces to the press that Amos is a homicide victim, but then his detectives state that they would happy to find Amos somewhere on the beach and asked me how would I feel if Amos just had decided to take off (I was asked this on November 8, 2005 - 7 months after they stated as fact to the press that Amos is a homicide victim). Those are contradictory to what the Chief's statement to the press stated as fact.


Chief Blatter, you can't state to the press something as fact and then your detectives state and insinuate just the opposite of that fact. You can think both ways but you cannot state as fact to the press only one. You can't state as fact that my son is a homicide victim if you don't have 100% proof backing your statement, and then you surely can't go on and tell me that you hope he is out there on the beach somewhere. Do you see how you drive me insane with your, for lack of a better word, BS...that's exactly what it is, a big fat pile of BS.


I am just a mother trying to find y son and I don't have time nor should I have to battle the cops just to find out what they can or can't prove to me.


*   *   *

The police say this is not a drug investigation, then they say it is a drug investigation...why don't you stick to the facts...this is a missing person investigation and I feel like I am walking a dog that is not trained well and I have to keep jerking on your collar to get you off the grass and focus on what is in front of you...my missing son, Amos Mortier. Getting stuck in a mindset of what may or may not be limits your investigation and therefore impedes the investigation.


Det. Shannon Morgan confirms below in an excerpt (verbatim) from her email to me stating

that this is NOT a drug investigation:


"Margie, from day one I have told all of Amos friends that this is not a
drug investigation. My main goal is to find Amos... Who ever told you that they were
interviewed by a hard core drug investigator is lying..."


FPD has had plenty of time to make "their investigation" solid enough to be able to tell me why they say my son is a homicide victim and it is drug-related. If their investigation is not solid enough to be able to tell me that, then they need to stop this arrogance and present me with whatever information they have collected to explain their April 13, 2005 statement.


I have names and more to give you that may breath life into the investigation. You have to be open-minded and not turn away help when it is offered because I NEED TO FIND MY SON. You need to work with me, once again...Amos is my son and he is missing. That is my only focus so I am able to be open to more scenarios and more options than you who have decided to pound down one path.


If anyone knows why Chief Blatter (thomas.blatter@city.fitchburg.wi.us)

said my son is a homicide victim, I will pay you CASH. A parent should not be told that

their son is a homicide victim (13 months ago) and not be given any evidence to such

an extreme statement. Just tell me why you would blurt that out on April 13, 2005.


It is time for the FPD to tell me what info. they have. Who will come forth from the Fitchburg Police Dept., Dane County Sheriff's Department, etc. and tell me, Amos' mother, what that information is in regards to their April 13, 2005 statement to the press. 


Det. Morgan states that they won't tell me anything because I will post what they tell me on Amos' website. The problem with Morgan's statement is that everything I have posted on this website that may be info. has *not* come from the FPD! So her premise and conclusion: If the FPD gives me info., then I will post that info. on the website is not a true logical statement. 


It's an excuse for the FPD and the US Attorney's office not to give me any info., but the problem is that her statement is logically false. The FPD and the US Attorney's office are both basing their decision not to give me info. on their belief in a false statement. Case in point: I was given one bit of evidence by a FPD person quite some time ago. Have I posted that on the website? No, and that proves the point that if you do give me real information, I don't post it.


***I would gladly remove all references to the police and their investigation altogether if they would only work

with me and not treat me like the press, and share info. they have about what and how they believe my son disappeared.***


Is it typical of law enforcement to blame a mother for wanting information about her missing child? That somehow the police have taken it upon themselves to punish Amos' family and friends by not telling us what they say they know about Amos' disappearance. I am just a mother trying to find out what the police say they know about my son's disappearance. If they have ulterior motives for holding that info., that is their choice but don't blame my posting on Amos' website as your reason for your secrecy.  


So that's probably the end of it regarding law enforment. I will not get any evidence or any real info. from the FPD about my missing son until 10 minutes before they announce it to the press...just like their April 13, 2005 announcement.


It is problematic when parents are treated to the same "no comment" status as the press, and yes...I have been told those exact words - no comment - after I have asked a question to Deputy Chief Donald Bates.


***In the meantime, wonderful and generous other people are volunteering their time, talents, and energy to help us (friends and family) find my son. I can never thank-you all enough.***


Just because Amos is an adult does not remove the FACT that Amos is my child and I should be given the same rights to information as any parent of any missing child of any age.


Let me put this scenario to you:


Imagine having a knock on your door and Chief Blatter is there to say to you, "I am here to inform you that you will never see your son again, and guess what...we know why you aren't going to see your son again. and we've decided not to tell you why that is. Have a good day."


That's what that was like on April 13, 2005 when Chief Blatter announced that Amos was a homicide victim and it was drug related, but to-date no one has presented any evidence to me to back up Blatter's statement.


Why would I sit home and just wait for the FPD to make a decision about when and what to tell me? It has  been 1 year and almost 4 months without any amount of info. from the authorities. Of course I have been snooping around and running my own little investigation and I have found things out. Things that the police need to know. Nobody in the legal arena would sit around waiting if it was their child, that's for sure, so why do they expect  me to do what they wouldn't do...exactly.


Please sound off to Chief Blatter and ask him to show proof or recant his statement:



Now I would like to just say a few things about those with power who   have and who have not helped:


**Thank you all other police departments, detectives, and coroners offices that have helped me when I would read or hear that a body was found and I would have to place that call to find out if that is my son. Thank you all for being so helpful and caring.**


1. BAD NEWS MAYOR DAVE CIESLEWICZ: I emailed Mayor of Madison (Dave Cieslewicz) right away when Amos went in November 2004 to ask for his help. I should note that I worked with Dave at The Nature Conservancy before he became mayor...still, I have not received one reply email back from him (hmmm, wonder if Paul Soglin would have contacted me).


2. BAD NEWS GOVERNOR DOYLE: Governor Doyle wouldn't give the okay for a plane search right away (when the skies were clear) and by the time he did, it was too overcast for the plane to fly so we had to wait even longer for an air search.


3. BAD NEWS CHIEF TOM BLATTER: I have left a vm for the Chief of Fitchburg Police Department (Chief Tom Blatter) twice and he was suppose to attend a meeting with me and the Mayor of Fitchburg (Tom Clauder) but he was a no show.


4. BAD NEWS COUNCIL PERSON'S STEVE ARNOLD & SCOTT NORTON: I sent an email to Amos' Fitchburg Council person's: Steve Arnold and Scott Norton but neither one of them were courteous enough to email or call me back.


5. GOOD NEWS MAYOR TOM CLAUDER: The Mayor of Fitchburg, Tom Clauder, has called me on numerous occasions offering any help or to speak with him anytime I want to. He has been my only ray of hope in this dark mess, so far, with local law enforcement.


7. GOOD NEWS TELCO PRODUCTIONS: Larry confirmed that they will run a brief segment

about Amos on the weekend of July 22/23 on their TV program Missing.


Telco Productions does more for the general population's missing persons than AMW/Nancy Grace, etc. does. Why? Because take a look at their site and the people they air missing and look at the recovery list, it is huge. We don't need an hour long show, we just need our loved one's face aired nationally and story told (radio) and that is what Telco does.


Telco has a heart and a soul and open their air waves (radio and TV) to help find our missing who do not have money, who do not resources, who come from backgkrounds that may not fit into people other programs, and do not already have the national attention (Natalee Holloway, Lacie Peterson, etc.) that we all desperately and equally need.


Telco doesn't make you go through a "criteria must be met" in order to air your missing loved one like AMW does. No, you contact Telco and they get your loved one on the air as soon as they can. 


I and all the others needing help cannot express enough our thank-you to everyone involved at Telco Productions for making Missing the best national program and major source for finding our missing loved ones; your numbers of how many missing persons your program helps find proves that.


Your kindness and desire to help those of us that other TV programs turn away displays your genuine desire to help find our missing loved ones and that you are not in it for the ratings. Alex Paen (founder of Telco Productions) is my hero, as well as all of you helping to put Missing on the air. You have given our loved ones a change to be found whereas

other national television programs turn their backs on us. Thank You!


6. BAD NEWS AMW: They chose not to run Amos' story. Mr. Walsh was asked on CNN by

Larry King why only certain stories get run and others don't. Mr Walsh stated that parents that make a lot of noise and publicity for themselves get on AMW. Well, you can ask FPD, I am making a lot of noise but it doesn't seem to be doing myself or Amos any good.  There has to be other reasons why some persons get national exposure and others do not.


Don't blame parents for not "making enough noise" to get their child's story noticed or selected. There are distinct reasons why certain stories get selected and it doesn't have to do with how much noise or attention a parent tries to draw to their missing child or how mysterious the disappearance is or is not.


It has to do with the bias of the person or persons assigned to select which stories air and which do not. It's just that simple and until AMW comes to terms with that the producers won't figure out how to air all submissions of missing loved ones mailed into the show, and that *is* what AMW could and should be doing...period.


7. BAD NEWS THE CAROLE SUND FOUNDATION: Yes, this foundation will not help any families who has a missing child if it has a hint of drugs at all...whether in the end that turns out to be true or not. This is a bad policy because you don't know if drugs are involved in most cases...one way or the other until the case is closed so yes, Carole Sund Foundation is also bias and elitist for this policy.

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