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GNOSIS the wonder dog is now home with me; if you know Amos please come over and welcome Gnosis home

Call or email me and I will give you my address. A HUGE THANK-YOU to everyone that has cared and loved Gnosis during Amos'

disappearance, I know Amos appreciates that, as I do too, so much:

                                         Thank you Hickory Hills Kennel (especially Margaret for taking Gnosis into her household)

Thank you Dean & Jan H. for sharing your home and caring for Gnosis

                        Thank you Rachel, Josh, & Phil for giving Gnosis the care, love, & attention he needs


3.3.06 - Isthmus article

Making it a federal case

Feds join probe into disappearance of Amos Mortier

By Jason Shepard

Local police are now working with the US. Attorney's Office in their inves­tigation into the disappearance of

Amos Mortier, the Fitchburg man who has been missing for 15 months and who police believe was likely murdered

in connec­tion with selling marijuana.


A police official confirms that the U.S. Attorney's Office has been involved since fall.


Fitchburg Deputy Police Chief Don Bates says several federal agencies "have become partners" in the investigation and have

a "vested interest" in solving the case. Bates wouldn't say whether the case has been referred to a federal grand jury.


Mortier was last seen Nov. 8, 2004. His mother, Margie Milutinovich, hopes her son is alive, perhaps on the run or con­sumed by

amnesia.  Last week,  she direct­ed a message to him on her Web site, www.findamos.com. "I know that you are out there," she wrote.

"I need to know if you are safe."


Police, however, continue to work on the theory that Mortier was murdered. Two detectives are still assigned to the case full­time.


As detailed last summer in Isthmus ("What Happened to Amos?" 7/22/05), wit­nesses at a secret John Doe proceeding tes­tified that

Mortier was worried about drug debts and was involved in large-scale mar­ijuana sales with links to Mil­waukee and the East Coast.


At the time, police were focusing on a "prime suspect," who provided them with "inconsistent statements." Wit­nesses testified that this

man had sold marijuana for Morti­er. One said he was skimming proceeds; another said he owed Mortier money


A few months earlier, in a letter submitting Mortier's DNA to the FBI's missing per­sons database, local police acknowledged three suspects with

ties outside of Wiscon­sin.


Last week, Bates confirmed that detectives have interviewed people "in several different states."


Generally, the federal government doesnot investigate local crimes. But according to two Madison defense attorneys, the feds may be involved

because the investigation is now national in scope.


Other reasons, they speculate, include the powers of federal grand jury subpoe­nas, the ability to threaten harsher drug sentences in order to

gain cooperation from witnesses, the possibility of federal drug conspiracy charges,and the greater resources of federal agencies like the FBI.


Stephen P Sinnott, the acting U .S. attorney in Madi­son, "can't confirm or deny" his office's involvement.


In December, Fitchburg police contacted Miluti­novich to schedule a meet­ing between her and the U.S. attorney. After waiting two months for the

meeting to be scheduled, a frustrat­ed Milutinovich provided copies of those e-mail exchanges to Isthmus.


She's convinced police are wrongly focused on the drug connection: "They won't let it go because it has cost them too much time, money and

personnel, but they are so wrong the path they are going down and they won't stop or admit it."



Gathering of Hope - November 8, 2005


Thank you everyone and the Inferno for being open for us on your usual closed night of business.


Amos, we love and miss you. If you can, please call home.


The Gathering of Hope was successful for helping me(the family) and I hope for Amos' friends and my friends to help us mark this sad year without Amos.


Drolma, from the Deer Park Buddhist Center, was wonderful and gave the afternoon of Amos' disappearance the dignity and peace he deserves.


Miranda put together a great night of friends and DJ's (thank you for donating your time and talents) at the Inferno. 


The music was great and I can't emphasize enough the great friends Amos has and how good it was to see all of them. 


We chatted about Amos throughout the night, and at the end of that night we still believe that Amos is alive.


                **LE detectives crashed the Inferno - police were asked *not* to attend but they showed up anyhow.**


                 Peshtigo Times

          Kevin Mura Found Safe, Alive In Iowa

Kevin Mura, 54, W7948 Airport Road, Crivitz, was found safe and alive Thursday, Dec. 9, in Iowa after being reported missing since Aug. 26. Two sons, Ken and Chris, visited their father over the weekend in Iowa and reported physically he is fine.

Ken said they expect the father to return home sometime in the near future. The family was notified Thursday by the Marinette County Sheriff Department that their father had been found and that he has a medical condition similar to amnesia. Since news of their father being found, the family has been receiving numerous calls from well wishers and the media.

The sheriff department had been notified by police in the Iowa community as the result of Mura's name being entered into the National Center for Missing Adults and National Crime Information Center. Sheriff Mike Kessler reported the family has requested that the current location of Mura is being kept confidential.

It was reported Mura last had contacted a Catholic priest in the Iowa community when he did not know his own name or where he lived and that something was wrong. He was taken to a psychiatrist for treatment of dissociative fugue. When his sons visited him over the weekend, he did not know his own name, failed to recognize them or react to photographs of the family.

How Mura got to the Iowa community is currently unknown. The father indicated he had ridden with truckers to such states as Arizona, Colorado and Florida before coming to Iowa.

After the priest and psychiatrist were contacted the Iowa community library checked the internet for missing persons and Mura's name was eventually found. Iowa police were contacted and then the Marinette County Sheriff Department.

According to the web site of mental-health-matters.com Dissociative Fugue is described as a person who adopts a new identity after leaving their previous living arrangements and forgetting or being confused about their previous identity. They are able to perform well enough to survive under the new identity. These episodes are generally caused by severe stress and are limited to a few days, but may last up to months. When the fugue ends, the person is unable to recall what occurred during this state.

Mura was last seen on the evening of Aug. 26 when he dropped off his daughter-in-law and her four children at Midway Airport, Chicago, Ill., as they were flying to Phoenix, Ariz. His van was found 13 days later at the airport by Chicago police. Detectives from the Marinette County Sheriff Department went to Chicago on Sept. 9 to process the vehicle for evidence and there was no indication of any crime. Mura was reported to have left without his identification and $500 in cash. When he failed to return home, his wife, Jan, notified the Marinette County Sheriff Department and a nationwide search was instituted.

The Mura family had resided in Green Bay until his retirement from the former James River Paper Mill several years ago. He and his wife built the Peshtigo River Inn and Campground at Crivitz. Since his disappearance the business has been operated by his wife and their two sons, Ken and Chris.

Sheriff Kessler reported that with Mura being found the investigation is officially closed. He expressed appreciation to the news media, sheriff department detective force, and out of state police agency for finding Mura alive. No foul play is suspected.


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