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Conflicts with Fitchburg, WI PD


Help Find Amos Mortier


Please post your thoughts/comments for Amos' family and friends.

Please click AMOS' GUESTBOOK link below to enter



Please read Amos' past guestbook entries:

Guestbook from: 6.5.05 - 5.28.06

Guestbook from: 12.17.04 - 6.2.05

Guestbook from: 12.17.04 to 11.30.04


Hi all,  I just want to let everyone know how much their kind words

       and thoughts for Amos are helping.  Your presence and hopes here

       on the site really help Amos' friends and family to keep their spirits up.

Thanks for all of your help, and for keeping hope alive.   Kristin

AMOS' BIRTHDAY - April 28th


**Amos' Birthday is this Friday, April 28th**

This is Amos' 2nd birthday since he has been missing,

and when I concentrate on that as a reality, it's just really hard to understand.


I know that I don't have to ask you to think about Amos on his birthday

because I know that you will and hopefully, just maybe, if we get

enough positive energy spinning we can bring Amos home very soon.


Thank you all for your support and love for Amos.



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