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Conflicts with Fitchburg, WI PD 

Help Find Amos Mortier



So many people have helped search to find Amos, and I am sure that I have missed thanking someone or some group and I apologize for that. To those people, you need to know that I appreciate everything you have done and continue to do to search for my missing son.

The following list was compiled by Amos' mother:
I would like to thank...


  • All of Amos' devoted friends that looked and continue to look day-in and day-out for their missing friend



  • My personal friends, especially Kim whom I can never thank enough 


  • Firefighters and police officers from the surrounding area - I apologize for not remembering specific

                    engine #'s or all police stations but I do remember one firefighter tellling me that he would be glad to

                    bring food over to our house and I thought what a kind thing for him to say and want to do


  • The American Red Cross who were at the search site everyday-they were a godsend. They supplied everyone with hot drinks, snacks, water, a hot lunch (donated by Culvers and McDonalds), a shoulder to lean on, etc....I mean, I can't tell you how much that meant to me having them out there for the folks searching for Amos


  • All the rescue dog teams from all over


  • The Yellow Bus company that picked up, dropped off and kept warm everyone searching for Amos 


  • Hickory Hills Kennel for their love and support for Amos, Gnosis, and me 


  • Bucky's Portable Restrooms


  • All donated readings from psychics and animal communicators 


  • Everyone offering to take care of Gnosis 


  • Advocacy groups (Wisconsin Advocates for Families of Missing People and The Crime Response team from the Dane County District Attorney's Office) for supporting me 24/7


  • Adams Outdoor Advertising and Babcock Advertising who did not think twice about helping us out...they immediately went to work on getting the billboards up the minute after I got off the phone with them. I feel that those billboards were #1 in getting Amos' face out there 


  • Kinko's & Office Max for giving a discount and being so helpful with all work done for Amos


  • The UPS Store on University Avenue that continues to keep Amos' flyer up for us


  • Everyone that has put up a flyer and all those businesses allowing us to put Amos' flyer in their window


  • All people sending kind thoughts and words of inspiration, support, and hope 


  • Everyone involved in the Inferno benefit, the positive energy at the Inferno that night kept me feeling, kept me hoping that at any moment, Amos was going to be part of the crowd at the Inferno


  • Two Men And A Truck for giving us a Charity Move for Amos' personal belongings 


  • Kim and Dirk for helping me move Amos' personal belongings and clean up the leftover mess 


  • The Inferno owners and employees for always being there for us when we need them (even with short notice)


  • Rod Pink and everyone at Pink's Automotive in Lancaster, WI who helped me that day I had to clean out

                    Amos' truck at their shop. That was a very emotional day for me because Amos' land was being let go that

                    day as well so I appreciate the kindness Rod and everyone gave me





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